A leading manufacturer of quality electrical, communication and home theatre products since 1949. To meet the changing needs of the electrical industry, Arlington continuously develops unique & innovative products that meet the quality standards our customers expect.


$100 Min  |  $1000 PPD

Omni Cable, an ESOP company, is a master distributor of specialty wire and cable sold exclusively through electrical distribution.  Since our founding in 1977, Omni Cable has grown to 12 locations nationwide that cut and ship material same day for delivery or pickup.


$0 Min  |  Variable PPD

Maker of a full line of high quality LED drivers, LED lamps, LED modules, ballasts, and fluorescent lamps, worthy of the latest LED luminaries. Industry-leading warranty policy serves as a testimony to an emphasis on quality and focus on efficiency.


$100 Min  |  $1500 PPD

Prime Conduit, Inc., formerly the PVC Pipe Division of Carlon, Lamson & Sessions, still manufacturers superior conduit products for the electrical, telecommunications, utility, and sewer markets.


 $7000 PPD Pipe  |  $1500 PPD Fittings

Heat Trace solutions with inventive design, quality products and professional service including, Snow Melting, Roof De-Icing, Pipe Tracing, Permafrost Prevention and Floor Warming.

$200 Min  |  $6000 PPD

Cal Am Manufacturing is a plastic injection molding company that specializes in producing products for the Power and Telecommunications and Green Industries / Duct Spacers / Mechanical Plugs / Wedge Seals.


$0 Min  |  $1500 PPD

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